D O M I C I L I A T I O N  

As part of our domiciliation service we offer support on a wide range of topics, from the right choice of company form to the establishment and administration of a company in Germany. If required, we also provide assistance in setting up new businesses.

Business Foundation and Development

This service is aimed especially at companies that are in the process of setting up their businesses with which we currently have a consulting relationship that extends beyond domiciliation services. This service is of particular interest for foreign companies that wish to establish subsidiaries or operational sites in Germany, which, temporarily or otherwise, do not intend to set up a head office or business address for administrative activities.


If required, we can also forward business mail, electronic correspondence as well as telephone messages and enquiries to the recipient of your choice.



  • Advice regarding the legal form of a company
  • Administrative support during company formation
  • Provide assistance with the fulfillment of predefined formalities (e.g. Registrations, publications and tax matters)
  • Administrative activities, e.g. Payroll accounting, Tax consulting, translation services, logistics etc.

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