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New enterprises face many challenges that differ from those faced by more established companies. Our Entrepreneur Program is tailored towards young, growth-oriented companies, providing them with fast response times, broad expertise, and global contacts.

Experience with Entrepreneurs

Over the years we have helped a number of successful national and international companies deal with periods of rapid growth. If required, we can take care of services such as accounting, payroll or the preparation of annual financial statements.

In addition to our standard services we can also provide your firm with an interim CFO or provide tax consultancy in co- and outsourcing setups. You can concentrate on your business and let us take care of the rest.

We also offer individual consulting with regard to optimal tax structuring be it before, during or after financing rounds and assess the resulting taxation consequences. Our international experience, especially with Anglo-American companies and investors, and our bilingual team mean that we can minimize cultural misunderstandings and work efficiently in a global context.


Our international network enables us to provide high-quality, solution-oriented and flexible consulting in all relevant global markets. Our many years of experience in the United States mean that we can provide excellent support with regard to internalization planning or entry into the US market.

In addition, we also provide a wide range of services for foreign companies wishing to enter the German market. Please feel free to contact us, if you would like to discover what we can do for your company.


Ulrich Britting
Ulrich Britting
Hamburg, Berlin
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